Custom protein expression and purification
Send us an expression plazmid for E. coli or P. Pastoris. We cultivate the biomass and isolate your protein. The protein will be purified by using conventional purification protocols. The amount and purity degree depends on your requirement. Typically we prepare proteins for research use in the amount of 1 to tens mg. The purified proteins are suitable for all biochemical and biophysical experimental methods, including crystalography, NMR, and others.
Construction of expression vectors
We prepare a fully functional expression system from a genetic information you send to us. The work contains PCR amplification of the gene, cloning to several expression plazmids and their sequence verification, and testing expression in the corresponding cells. The expression plazmid will be either sent to you for your own use or used for production of your protein in our laboratory.
Development of purification strategies
We are ready to help you with development or improvement of so far unknown or inefficient purification strategy of your protein. This may also contain a construction of the expression vector (see above).
Preparation of mutated proteins
Using site-directed mutagenesis in the expression plazmid we prepare a protein containing one or more mutations with respect to the original one. As the starting protein we can use your own protein or a protein from our standard offer (see our catalog).
Kinetic assays and inhibitor screening
We support your research by development of kinetic assay for testing enzymatic or other biological activity based on spectrophotometry. Furthemore, we perform screening of biological function of a set of your compounds on your protein(s). Precise measurement of thermodynamic constants of processes like enzyme inhibition or ligand binding is also available.